Panther Play Days 

Coordinators:  Mrs. Liz Seward, Mrs. Teena Workman, and Mr. Dustin Thomas

Panther Play Days/ Fuel Up to Play 60

The Panther Play Day is an initiative started this year to reward students who follow the school wide code: PAW. Students in grades 1 – 5 are invited once a month to take part in after school games and activities in the gym from 4:00 – 5:15 PM. In order to take part in the Panther Play Day, students will need the following:

* No Referrals, Lunch or Recess Detention or ISI/ISS

* Ten Bravo Bucks or Ten Box Tops

* Must have signed permission slip

* Good Sportsmanship

 This program encourages staff members and students to live a healthy life style. Students are able to register and log in points, on laptops, for FUTP60 while they are at the event.Each month focuses on a different sports theme. Volunteers help with the activities and socialize with the kids. Panther Play days are also tied into our school-wide initiative, PBIS, which focuses on attendance,academics and accountability.


Prince Street Steppers (Boys & Girls)

Advisors: Ms. Tana Ellis, Assistant Principal and Liz Seward, ISI Teacher

Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 take part in a STEP program that emphasizes academics as the first step to success! Students complete homework and reading assignments before practicing routines. Students perform at various schools and community events throughout the Wicomico County region. The academic emphasis placed on this program centers in the area of reading where students each month set reading goals and are evaluated using the Accelerated Reading Program in order to monitor their progress.

Gentlemen’s Club

Advisors:  Mr. Anthony Curtis and Mr. Jermichael Mitchell

Fourth and Fifth grade young men are invited to participate in an after school book discussion coupled with engaging activities.  A large emphasis is placed in academic preparation and positive decision making which serve as the foundation for the program.  The boys are taught that decisions they make today will have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives as well as their families. The boys are provided with encouragement and guidance in making positive decisions that will promote them academically and socially. Each week the boys complete homework and reading assignments before participating in the scheduled activity.  The Gentlemen’s Club will host a conference in the Spring. To learn more about being a part of the club you may contact the school.

Communication Arts and Technology Club – C.A.T. Club

Advisors:  Mrs. Gina Deal and Ms. Amy Stone

 The purpose of The C.A.T Club is to provide students in fifth grade with an opportunity to explore their artistic talents while maintaining good grades and positive behavior.   The CAT Club has been established since we moved into our newly renovated building in 2007.  Student and advisors meet twice a week to learn how to use the technology and the equipment in the studio.  It is our endeavor to provide alternative ways to soar by introducing them to the world of broadcast communications through the Communications Arts and Technology Club (C.A.T. Club).  The C.A.T. Club broadcasts the morning announcements daily.  They create the slides that are displayed on our electronic bulletin board.   They also participated yearly in the Technology Media Festival.

Check out our blog - C.A.T. Club Blog

Inspirational Dancers

Advisor: Miss Christine Cannell

First and Second grade students come together to do creative dances that send positive messages to their audiences. Students have performed at several community events inspiring people to use their words wisely as words can help and heal.

Nothin’ but Net (NBN)

NBN is a basketball program that encourages the love of reading and positive behavior for 4th and 5th graders. Boys and girls take part in an intramural basketball program that combines the skills of good sportsmanship along with learning the basic fundamental skills needed in order to play the game. This program has shown to have a direct correlation to increase student participation in class. It has also improved academic performance and has taught students how to self-regulate themselves in order to reduce disruptive behavior. In the spring of 2015, three elementary schools will take part in the program. Students participate in after school practices and compete on Varsity and JV teams against one another in pursuit of the end of year trophy. The program ends in late spring with an awards banquet. Players and families come together for fellowship and to acknowledge their children’s participation.

MAST – Math, Art, Science and Technology:

Advisors: Mr. Anthony Curtis and Mrs. Elizabeth Diemel

The MAST program is currently being offered to students in third,fourth and fifth grade. This after school program is designed to provide students with opportunities that will challenge them in the areas of science and math. Students will use their skills and talents to solve STEM related activities either independently or in cooperative groups.In addition, the program has partnered with community agencies who visit once a month and provide students with insight on the application of these content areas in the real world setting.

Advisor: Amber Justice

D.O.V.E.S stands for Daughters of Value, Excellence,and Success. This after-school program is targeted around 3rd, 4th,and 5thgrade young ladies. The goal of the D.O.V.E.S Girl’s Group is to help empower our female students to recognize the beauty that they already possess and to reach their full potential while using strategies to overcome challenges academically and socially on their personal road to success.Each session consists of the girls receiving assistance with their academic work as well as working together with an engaging book study using books that are mostly centered around various topics such as self-esteem, beauty, bullying, anger and acceptance. This year our book study is focused on the book The Skin I’m In, by Sharon G. Flake.

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. James McMurdo

The Prince Street Chess Club is an after school program that consist of a group of 2nd to 5th grade students. Students learn the basics of chess. They learn how each piece is allowed to move, how pieces are captured, and the meaning of “check” and“checkmate.” As well as learning the basics of chess, students are introduced to more advanced strategies and watch matches played by professionals. Overall the main focus of the chess club is to play with good sportsmanship and to get better at chess.

Students spend the majority of their time battling their peers on the checkered battlefield of wits. This club is preparing the students for the Wicomico county chess tournament in the spring.