MEDICATION– With the winter months approaching, we are beginning to see more sniffles, sneezes, and coughs.  Remember that county policy states, all medications must be brought to school in their original container by an adult along with a physician’s order.  This policy also applies to all throat and cough lozenges. Also, to help prevent cold and flu you and your family can practice the following precautions:

  • Hand washing / anti-bacterial lotion used throughout the day.
  • Discard tissues after they have been used.Do not place them in a pocket or on top of a table/desk.
  • When you cough, cough into your sleeve.
  • Proper Nutrition, eat a healthy well balanced meal each day loaded with fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help flush body systems. Water is excellent for this purpose.
  • Get plenty of rest so your body systems are fully charged.
  • If you or your child is running a fever, stay home and rest. Remember you must be 24 hr. fever free without medication before returning to school/work.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bautista (410-677-5817), the school nurse, for more information. 


ATTENDANCE -At this time we are asking parents for their support to see that their children are in school every day and on time.  Each month, our school keeps a record of the overall student attendance, which is reported to the state monthly as well as annually.  Under the Federal mandate of No Child Left Behind, our school must obtain an annual attendance rate of 94% in order to meet the state’s satisfactory level.  In reviewing our current records, we presently have a yearly percentage rate of 96% which is good; however, we will need your assistance to keep this percentage from falling below the state mandate.   Please help us by seeing that your child is in school every day so they can continue to grow academically.  This is very important to our school and we appreciate your continued support and cooperation in this matter.  Thanks!